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The Joy Berry Affiliate Marketing Program is designed to allow the motivated affiliate marketeer to share in the unlimited potential of the Joy Berry Club.

The Joy Berry Club Affiliate has three opportunities to make money:

1. The Joy Berry Club Family Membership. With a 30 Day FREE Trial and a low monthly cost of $5.99 for the family membership The Joy Berry Club is an easy sale.

Don’t let the $5.99 discourage you. That’s $5.99 per month and you continue to get paid for as long as your customer remains a member of the club and you remain an active affiliate. You earn a 25% commission on all paid family memberships.

2. The Joy Berry Club School Membership. The School Membrship sells for between $249 and $999 per year depending on the size of the school. You earn a 20% commission each year the school remains a member and you remain an active affiliate.

The Joy Berry Club School Membership gives a school unlimited access to all products for all of their computers for as long as they remain an active member.

3. Sales from the Joy Berry Bookstore. All Joy Berry Club members receive a 25% discount at the which is the official website for Joy Berry’s print and digital materials. You earn a 10% commission on all sales to your customers for as long as they are a member of the Joy Berry Club and you remain an active affiliate. 

For more information on the Joy Berry Club go to Family Membership and School Membership.

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