The Joy Berry Club Family Membership



There are two different levels of Family Memberships available in the Joy Berry Club. A Single User Membership where you receive one log-in that can be used from any computer, tablet or phone. With the single user membership only one person can access the club at a time. The cost is $5.99 per month.

We also a Multi-User Membership which includes up to five log-ins that can all be used at the same time on any computer, tablet or phone. The cost of the Multi-User Membership is $11.99 per month.

Both the Single-User and Multi-User Memberships come with all the benefits including

25% off all purchases from the Joy Berry Store

The Joy Berry Club On the Go App that allows you to save books and videos to use when you are off-line. Click Here for More Information and to download the App

FREE 8-Book Digital Download of the Joy of Parenting Series—Yours FREE for signing up for the 30-Day FREE Trial—a $29.99 Value

The Goett Foundation in Partnership with JBM Charities is offering the first 2,500 families FREE one year memberships. Click Here for More Information

Membership in the Joy Berry Club includes over 150 Joy Berry Self Help Books known as the Joy Berry Classics. The Joy Berry Classics have sold over 85 million copies worldwide.
As a member of the Joy Berry Club you have access to
The Joy Berry Classics
Joy Berry Audio Books
The Joy Berry Living Skills Curriculum
Parenting Books
Interactive Learning
Over 200 Original Joy Berry Songs

Plus Four Brand New Series from Joy Berry

The Goodhearts

• Story based book built around the concepts in Joy Berry's Let's Talk About and Help Me Be Good books
Original stories and songs
A new book and song every month

The CC Kids

• Story based book built around the concepts in Joy Berry's Living Skills and Survival Skills books
Original stories and songs
A new book and song every month

The Junk Room Band

Original stories and songs on cutting edge topics for young teens
A book and song every month

Goodhearts Giving Back Charity Books

• Stories stressing the importance of giving back to your community

Also Included

Self Help Library
Joy Berry News Blog
Joy Berry Education Curriculum Age 1-14
Curriculum Updates
Kids For Global Peace
Original Videos
Original Songs by the Junk Room Band
Over 50 Classic Children's Stories (FREE Option)
Classic Children's Songs (FREE Option)
150 Children's Bible Stories (FREE Option)

All Joy Berry Club Members Receive 25% Off Store Purchases from the Joy Berry Store


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