Joy Berry Club

What Is the Joy Berry Club?

The Joy Berry Club is an online community which includes the complete works of Joy Berry. As a club member you have access to over 150 Living Skills books (The Joy Berry Classics) by Joy Berry, over 300 original songs, The Human Race Club videos, the Emotions animated videos, the complete Living Skills Curriculum, The popular series on parenting. You get it all in one place.

Who Is Joy Berry?

Joy Berry is an educator who is known as the founder of self-help books for kids. Over the years her books have sold over 85,000,000 copies and helped countless children and their parents. The focus of Joy's work is to help kids grow into responsible adults. 

Responsible for themselves
Responsible in the way they relate to others
Responsible in the way they relate to their environment 

As a member of the Joy Berry Club you will

• Always get a 25% discount on purchases from the Brite Star Store
• Can take the club offline with our On the Go app

FREE 30-Day Trial

Try if FREE for 30 days and just for signing up for the FREE trial we will send you  the digital version of the 8-book set, The Joy of Parenting— adown to earth collection of short books built on over 30 years of working with parents, teachers and children.


Club members also receive:

• A 25% discount on purchases from the Brite Star Store
• Free On the Go app so you can take the club offline wherever you go. 

After your FREE Trial you will be charged just $3.99 per month or $39.99 if you elect to pay annually.

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A Special Program for Schools and Preschools

The Joy Berry Club for schools and preschools is perfect for schools and preschools who want to offer a variety of Joy Berry's content in a self-contained environment.

After your 30-Day Free Trial the cost is just $9.99 per month or pay $99.99 annually—you end getting two months free.

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