Help Me Be Good

Help Me Be Good

Replacing Misbehavior with Good Behavior in Children Ages 5-7, Grades K-2

The normal egocentricity of young children often leads to misbehavior that evokes negative responses from others. These negative responses can lead to a destructive cycle of negative action and reaction. The purpose of the HMBG products is to break the cycle of negative action and reaction. This is accomplished by helping children replace misbehavior with acceptable behavior.

Each HMBG book:
1. Defines a misbehavior
2. Explains the cause of the misbehavior
3. Discusses the negative effects of the misbehavior
4. Offers suggestions for replacing the misbehavior with acceptable behavior

Series Quote from Joy:

“The HELP ME BE GOOD books help young children replace misbehavior with good behavior.”

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