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Introductory Letter from Joy Berry

Introductory Letter from Joy Berry

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When I remember the last few years of my father’s life, I remember him crying a lot. Sad or sentimental movies, memories of his past, stories of people’s suffering—almost anything would immediately cause tears to well up in his eyes.

 The fact that my father had always been the biggest, strongest, most fearless man that I had ever known, made tears running down his cheeks incredibly confusing—even untenable. But then, as I started to get old myself, I began to understand my father’s tears.

 I’ve noticed that a lot of old people cry at the drop of a hat. Now that I am one of those people, I think I comprehend why.

 It takes a lot of living and a lot of years to truly fathom suffering and all of the stuff that surrounds it. Once you understand these things, there’s no turning back, and the hard-earned empathy that has automatically seeped into every fiber of your being can sometimes overshadow all of the great and wonderful things that life has to offer.

 When this happens, the only thing that I can do to alleviate the unbearable pain brought on by the suffering that surrounds me is to remind myself of my commitment to make things better through education.

Getting control of one’s life is the best protection against people and things that might cause pain. And since the amount of control someone has over his or her life is proportionate to how much responsibility the person takes on, the more important it is for kids to learn how to be responsible.

 Everything I have done, and everything I continue to do, is directed toward helping kids become responsible. Responsible kids don’t hurt themselves. Responsible kids don’t hurt others. And responsible kids don’t cause damage to their environment.

My work with Living Skills education is what gets me through the night. And parents and teachers all over the world are availing themselves of the same antidote to making the world a better place.

 That’s where BRITE STAR comes in. It’s the very first one-stop shop for all of the Living Skills self-help and story-based books and music that I have ever written or produced. In addition, as I update old titles and create new materials, Brite Star and I will be searching the world over for other self-help materials to supplement mine.


So, please join us and let us help you raise kids who are:

             Responsible for themselves,

            Responsible in the way they relate to others and

            Responsible in the way they relate to the things in their environment.



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